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Andrew Elsoffer

A soccer coach based in Cleveland, Ohio

About Andrew Elsoffer

Residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Andrew Elsoffer is recognized as a community influencer, financial consultant, and dedicated soccer coach. Alongside his diligent endeavors on the soccer field, in professional settings, and within his social circle, Andrew’s leisure moments are often spent embracing the beauty of the natural world. 

Two days after donning their graduation robes, Andrew Elsoffer and his roommate of four years embarked on a daring escapade: a six-week-long bicycle journey from the serene grounds of the University of Michigan to Stony Brook College in the heart of New York. Inaugurating their expedition, the dynamic duo pedaled through picturesque terrains, conquering an average of 50 miles daily. Their path meandered through the enchanting vistas of Michigan, leading them to the captivating Mackinac Island, steering through the scenic allure of Manitoulin Island in Canada, only to re-enter the American realm via the stunning Finger Lakes region of New York. As their voyage unfolded and their spirits soared, their daily distances nearly doubled, tallying up to approximately 100 miles per day as they drew closer to the culmination of their odyssey. 

Since that transformative experience, Andrew Elsoffer has been committed to immersing himself in the natural world, actively seeking substantial adventures at least a few times yearly. The post-graduation bike expedition served as a poignant revelation, unveiling to him the allure and tranquility beneath the expansive canopy of the open sky. His ongoing quest for such experiences predominantly unfolds in the verdant landscapes of Michigan, a place that has etched an indelible mark in his heart. 

In truth, Andrew Elsoffer holds a profound connection to Michigan – where he was married and later where his son was born, among many other foundational events in his life. Due to this connection, the Elsoffer family has established a second home there, a tangible manifestation of their enduring bond. Their sojourns to Michigan often encompass a delightful array of activities. These activities include everything from gliding atop serene waters to kayaking or canoeing. Otherwise, they can be found venturing into the depths for rewarding fishing exploits, forging a connection with the land through leisurely horseback rides, or embarking on unhurried hikes along the extensive trails. 

During intermissions from his ongoing escapades, Andrew Elsoffer dedicates his expertise to furnishing his community with invaluable financial guidance and astute investment blueprints. With a career spanning over a quarter-century within the economic realm, he has rightfully earned the mantle of a reliable beacon for planning counsel in his community. Kicking off his professional journey, Andrew ventured into the entrepreneurial arena by establishing and managing a catering and event coordination enterprise. This move followed his tenure as an Event Specialist at the University of Michigan.

Another notable facet of Andrew Elsoffer‘s unwavering dedication lies in his devotion to nurturing the talents of budding athletes through soccer, culminating in an impressive two-decade-long tenure as a mentor within his community. Drawing upon his experiences as a dedicated participant in high school and college-level athletics, Andrew found solace and a sense of belonging on the soccer field. Beyond being a mere pastime, this environment became a canvas where he believed he could enact meaningful transformations in the lives of the young athletes he guided.

Guided by his profound understanding of the impact of sports on personal development, Andrew Elsoffer embarked on a journey of mentorship that spans decades. This venture has, in essence, become a cornerstone of his identity, elevating him to the status of a role model and confidant for numerous aspiring athletes. In his view, his attitude remains the sole facet he can command absolutely, and he capitalizes on this by epitomizing a constructive and inspiring demeanor in every practice, scrimmage, or match he oversees. He aspires to instill in his players the same ethos, aiming for them to approach their endeavors with a similar commitment to positivity and excellence.

Andrew Elsoffer is wholly devoted to his coaching profession. More importantly, he’s determined to go above and beyond for his athletes. His legacy is intricately woven with the lives he has touched and the potential he has unlocked, attesting to his remarkable commitment to the betterment of young individuals through sports and mentorship.

During the scarce moments of respite he manages to grasp, Andrew directs his attention towards cherishing the company of his spouse, with whom he has shared a journey of three decades, as well as their beloved son named Lenny. His leisure pursuits also extend to embarking on ventures into the natural world. Being an enthusiastic hiker and dedicated cyclist, he finds his actual vitality and serenity in environments where the expanse of the sky spans overhead.

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